Azor Cartridges

Lead free

Use recommendation for the new PLP-AZOR lead free shot cartridges.

It is important to know that the PLP-AZOR, is an innovative type of ammunition, which doesn’t contain lead or steel. Therefore due to its composition, the diameters change with regard to the lead shot products.

All cartridges have been initially loaded with the 12/70 gauge. We are planning to complete our offer with other calibers shortly. These cartridges are appropriate to be shot with any conventional shotgun.

AZOR cartridges have a ultra high speed performance as well as a comfortable recoil. They also result into a good game mortality and stop, providing an excellent performance to the hunter and trap shooter.

Lastly, those hunters and trap shooters that use the new PLP-AZOR cartridges, should enjoy the satisfaction of using an eco-friendly ammunition due to its composition and classification.

Azor Competition 2’50 mm:

With regard of pellet count, its lead shot size equivalent are sizes 8 ½ or 9 (17 pellets per gram), offering a higher performance, capable to show similar results than size 7 ½ in lead.

Available in 24g and 28g.

Azor Competition 2’75 mm:

Diameter 2.75 is suitable to be used on any skeet shooting modality, as it corresponds to lead shot size 7 ½ (12 pellets per gram) and comparing both performances.

It could also be used in a wide variety of hunting modalities such as quail, rabbit, pigeon and dove, being suitable for mid and long range shooting.

Available in 24g and 28g.

Azor Hunting 3’00 mm:

Diameter 3.00 mm corresponds to lead shot size 7. Pellet count for this size is 10 pellets per gram and the product performs alike

We consider this type of cartridge suitable for any kind of hunting, with excellent behavior when shooting mid and long range distances.

Available in 28g. Shortly in 30g

Azor Hunting 3’25 mm:

Diameter 3.25 mm corresponds to lead shot size 6 in pellet count (8 pellets per gram) and performance.

It properly fits certain hunting modalities such as waterfowl game hunting, pheasant and other similar mid hunting, where performance demands are higher. Due to its high shooting potential, we recommend this type of cartridge for long range shooting.

Available in 28g. Shortly in 30g.

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